The Skool provides The Standard Process to build successful web businesses to ambitious and creative entrepreneurs!

The Skool is a labor of love. It’s the culmination of my 16 years in web design. As a young web designer at Razorfish it became quickly apparent that what I loved to do was to teach others.
Even earlier as a computer lab assistant at Art Center College of Design I would spend hours helping not only with technical problems but teaching and sharing with students struggling with their assignments. As Chief Visionary at The Groop, the digital agency I co-founded in 2001 I have taken great joy in helping teach and facilitate business opportunities for our clients and collaborators.

In 2008 I created a seminar and workshop series called Evil Businessman. Tongue in cheek title aside my goal was to teach creative entrepreneurs the basics of creating businesses online. At the core of the curriculum was the idea that one of the biggest obstacles in executing digital businesses was the different set of languages spoken by the disciplines involved. The curriculum helped simplify digital by making it visual and interactive. In mid 2009 I was struggling to figure out how to make what The Groop did more streamlined and less painful. Late one afternoon, as I walked down a flowery path in the corn fields park in downtown Los Angeles it suddenly struck me that the answer was the same. That language was also the main obstacle.

I am excited to share with you the tools that we created to help you align these different languages and help you keep your projects on track. My promise to you is that your digital projects don’t have to be as difficult as they are today and that if you use even one of the tools we are sharing with you it will make a marked impact. We are excited to help you simplify digital.

About Jose Caballer

Jose Caballer is the Chief Education Officer at The Skool, an online education movement that aims to teach the standard process for successful web projects. He is the product of a mother who was a teacher and a father who was a preacher mixed in with a graphic design education at Art Center College of Design.

He took a front row seat in the .COM boom working at Razorfish, one of the first digital agencies where he went from designer to Design Director of the Los Angeles office by the tender age of 28. In 2001, he left Razorfish to start The Groop – a boutique digital agency that allowed him to work with Al Gore, Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller of The French Laundry, Alice Waters of Chez Panisse/The Edible School Yard Project, and corporate clients such as Disney, News Corp’s Myspace and over 30 start-ups including ThisNext,, Storkbrokers and Hunuku.

Today, Jose combines his 15 years of experience as a web designer and his passion for teaching to share the gospel of Web Design to over 20,000 people in his popular weekly show This Week in Web Design, which is broadcast live and posted on YouTube and iTunes every week. He has also helped train hundreds of students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals at weekend workshops, LIVE webinars and online videos at The Skool.